The Decades and Cult Classic Goods Presents: GUTS

Philadelphia Street Wear Brand Cult Classic Goods  is having  one of many monthly  kick ass parties  tonight  in fishtown to celebrate their collaboration venture with  another great street wear brand The Decades. We sat down with Cults co-owner Joe Pitts to get a little info on the party and how this venture came about
P.F.I Magazine: How did the monthly event with the decades come about?
Joe: I first met Brooks (co-owner of the Decades) about 3 years ago. We used to work together, and I think Decades was just starting. Our job required us driving long hours so we spent a lot of time together just listening to music and talking shit. The friendship developed from there; he’s like a big brother to me. We both helped our boy Jayo with his Super Friends party a few months back, and that was a big success, so it made sense to plan more parties together. GUTS came about pretty organically. A couple months ago my homie Brady (DJ SYLO) was looking to move his Stunt Loco party to a new home, and I suggested he come check out this new spot called The Saint. Brooks had introduced me to the owner Brendan, and then I introduced  Brady to him. SYLO ended up finding the perfect new home for Stunt Loco at 700 club, but we still wanted to use the Saint for something so we all linked up and put GUTS together.
P.F.I: The success of the  Choco Truck Collab was huge. Now you guys have  ventured into a newly  successful collaboration with the Decades; looks like Cult Classics  is showing its teeth.  Joe: You know it! Collaborations are  a big part of what  the Cult Classic  brand has been about since the beginning. Our first party was held at a  huge  warehouse  in north Philly in the summer of 2012. I put  DJ Dayo who was new at the time  on the bill and he  eventually started repping Pure Productions. We (Cult Classic and Pure ) started running our own warehouse venue shortly after in northern liberties/fish-town. We threw some SERIOUS bangers in there; I’m talking like 800-900 kids all wilding out. We had to hire off duty cops to keep it under control (and so  we didn’t get busted). Due to the energy from that,  I’ve been pretty adamant about fostering relationships/collaborations because not only does it help build our brand, but  it is  a blessing  working with people who  are on the same wave length.


P.F.I: And who may that category belong to?


Joe: People that just really want to do cool shit (laughs)


P.F.I: Will GUTS mirror the “Project X” effect of previous parties with Choco truck or  self proclaimed events such as Hamsterdam?

Joe: GUTS is going to be straight guttural, it’s going to be wild. The vibe of the venue being that it’s directly under the El fits our direction for the party. It’s going to be packed, it’s going to be hot. The musics gonna be popping, we’re going to have our signature drink Green Lean on deck, and we’ve got surprises. And it’s free. What more could you want? 

P.F.I:  Nice! Now this green lean….will it  actually have some “drank” components in it? (fingers crossed) Joe: You’ll have to come try one to find out  (laughs)


P.F.I: We’re sure our Editor in Chief will clear the attendance (laughs)



Event: GUTS

Venue: Saints Front and Girard 10 p.m.

Admission: Free


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